Educational Visits Archive

Marlborough House

Two children from our choir had the opportunity to take part in an event at Marlborough House as part of the Commonwealth Youth Choir. Several schools across Newham attended and all the children sang together.

Hindu Temple

On the 30th January, the year 5 children have been learning about Hinduism. Today, they visited a Hindu temple, learnt about their gods & how they worship them.

Natural History Museum

In Year 6 we have been learning evolution in Science and on 26th January we went on an educational visit to the Natural History Museum as part of this topic. We had an interesting workshop about evolution and adaptation of living things. We looked at different animals and how they have evolved and adapted to survive in different habitats around the world. Afterwards we had a look at some of the exhibits in the museum.


William Morris Gallery

In Year 3 we have been looking at patterns in Art and on the 17th January we visited the William Morris Gallery located in the old Morris family home in Walthamstow. We looked around the gallery and had an interesting workshop where we learned about William Morris and studied his patterns. Afterwards we made our own patterns.


British Library

Between 30th November and 9th December, years 4 and 5 visited the British Library to see the Maps and the 20th Century Exhibition as part of our geography work. We learned about different types of maps, how maps were used in the past compared with how they are used now and looked at maps of the old British Empire to see what has changed over time. We also developed our mapping skills by drawing maps.

Jewish Museum

In Year 5 we have been learning about Judaism in Religion and on 25th November, we visited a Jewish Museum to investigate and appreciate the Jewish faith. This was carried out through learning about Jewish artefacts such as; The Torah, pointer, calligraphy and scrolls. Some children experienced the tasting of Jewish foods similar to those celebrated during the Passover (Pesach) meal. Many Year 5 children had an opportunity to learn the Jewish alphabet and afterwards created their names using an old fashioned Jewish quill and ink pot. Throughout the Museum children learned about and appreciated various aspects of Jewish culture including, family life, celebration of faith and a collection of religious events.

Remembrance Day

The school council, head boys and girls attended a Remembrance Day service along with other schools in the deanary & newham. The service was attended by the bishop & members of the newham council, led by the children & the British legion.

Visit to Rome

From 17th to 20th October a group of Year 5 pupils went on an exciting trip to Rome with a focus on visiting sites with significance to St Helen.

While there we visited the Vatican where we attended the audience with the Pope and were lucky enough to be very close as he moved through the crowd!

We visited St Paul's Outside the Wall where we saw the cloisters and prayed at the tomb of St Paul. This was followed by a visit to Beda College where priests train. We had a tour of the college and a talk from the rector with tea and cakes afterwards.

We also visited Church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva and Basilica of San Clemente which is a 14th century church built upon a 4th century church which has a 1st century house of worship beneath it. We went to Santa Croce in Gerusalemme which contains relics including a piece of the True Cross brought to Rome by St Helen, mother of Emperor Constantine and the Palace of St Helen. St Helen also brought the Scala Sancta (Holy Stairs) to Rome and we visited them to pray the Rosary.

We prayed at the tomb of St Peter and to learn more about ancient Rome, we visited to the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Roman Forum.