Educational Visits

National Portrait Gallery

In year one we have been learning about portraits in our art topic. To further our learning we visited the National Portrait Gallery. We studied different styles and materials used to create portraits.





Big Bang

On 6th July Year 4 took part in a science event called Big Bang at Newham College along with other primary and secondary school pupils. There were activities set up in different rooms relating to a variety of science topics such as forces, birds of prey and dissolving.






Transition Day

On 4th July, Year 6 classes went to St John Bosco Camp for a transition day along with pupils from other Newham schools. We took part in a variety of activities including meditation and sign language as well as discussing the transition to secondary school and the changes we might expect.





On 28th June Year 2 took the train to Leigh-on-Sea as part of our History topic on seaside towns, then and now. It is a good example of a traditional looking seaside town with fishing and sea front shops. We went for a paddle, played in the sand, made sand castles had our lunch on the beach. We also looked at objects we found such as seaweed, noting their textures and the different sights and smells of the seaside.








Sea Life Centre

On 28th June Year 1 went to the Southend Sea Life Centre as part of our History topic about the seaside. We saw lots of interesting sea creatures there! In the tanks there were different kinds of fish such as piranhas and lion fish, there were sharks and sting rays swimming over our heads in the glass tunnel and a fish nursery where they breed different species of fish. There was a rock pool where we got to touch crabs and star fish.

We also had a chance to play in the adventure playground at the centre and afterwards we went for a walk on the pebble beach at Southend.








Year 4 Science Museum

On 27th June, Year 4 went on an end of year visit to the Science Museum. We went to the IMAX to watch a film about the International Space Station, looked around the exhibits and had fun in the interactive gallery.

London Zoo

On 26th June Year 5 visited the London Zoo as part of our Science topic, learning about the gestation periods of different animal species. At the zoo we visited the reptile house, the bird aviary and looked at different mammals such as gorillas.






Residential in Devon
























London Eye

On 16th June, Year 3 went to South Bank and took a ride on the London Eye where we had great view of the Thames and other famous sights. We also sat on the South Bank and sketched the Eye and surrounding area.


Benjamin Franklin House

As part of our Science work in Year 4, we visited Benjamin Franklin House on 13th June. There we learned about the human body, about electricity and Benjamin Franklin's work and about life in the time that he lived.






Reception - Science Museum

On 8th June Reception visited the Science Museum for our science topic on the characteristics of materials. We took part in a drama workshop based on the Three Little Pigs where we dressed up and had to find the best materials for building a house that the Big Bad Wolf couldn't blow down. Afterwards we explored some of the exhibits and had fun in the interactive gallery.








Holland Visit

From 21st to 25th May Year 5 pupils went on an exciting trip to Holland. We started very early on Sunday morning and travelled via the Eurotunnel to Bruges in Belgium for lunch. We enjoyed a stroll through the town admiring the architecture and canals and the lace and chocolate shops. We also had a picnic lunch in the famous central square. We headed for Amsterdam on Monday where we visited the Van Gogh Museum, the Jewish Museum, Ann Frank’s House and had a canal boat trip.

On Tuesday we headed to Best where we met our penpals and enjoyed lots of fun activities.





On our final day we went to Eindhoven to visit the World War II museum called "The Wings of Liberation" to find out about the liberation of Holland. On the way back to London we stopped in Ypres in Belgium to visit the First World War Museum and the Menin Gate.












Imperial War Museum

On 17th May Year 6 went to the Imperial War Museum for our History topic of World War II as well as Literacy, in which we are reading the World War II story 'Goodnight Mr. Tom'. At the museum we looked at an exhibit which gave an insight into the impact of the war on the children who lived through it. We learned about evacuation, air raids and rationing and looked at artifacts such as original letters, diaries, photographs and recordings. Along with planes and rockets from the war, we also saw a model of the house owned by the Allpress family which showed us about home life in the 1940's.






Visits to Greenwich

In Year 5 we have developed our understanding of rivers with a field trip to Limehouse Basin as part of our Geography topic on 12th and 17th May. Year 6 also visited Limehouse Basin to learn more about the River Thames on 24th and 26th May.




Parlez-vous le Francais?

On the 5th and 6th of May, Year 4 pupils went on an educational visit to France.

First they played beach games, with pen pals from the North of France, on Boulogne beach. They had conversations with their penpals and ate lunch together. They then visited other pen pals at Saint Augustin School in Boulogne. They performed  songs in French and English. Afterwards, they played a variety of games with their pen pals.

In the afternoon, year 4 went to their accommodation and took part in more fun activities. These included dune sledding and mini golf followed by a service in the chapel that evening.

The next day, they went to Le Touquet market where they used their language skills to order food in French. They then took a walk around Boulogne to see the sites of the old town such as the castle and cathedral. Finally they ordered ice cream at a French cafĂ© before home on the coach.