OLOG Cultural/Black History

During September both St Helen’s and St Joachim’s have been focusing in on Cultural History or Black History. Within our schools we focused on different inspirational role models, iconic people, inventors and scientists. At the end of our focus weeks we came together to share our learning. On Monday 2nd of October the St Helen’s children in Years 1, 3 and 6 travelled to St Joachim’s and on Tuesday 3rd October the St Joachim’s children in Years 2, 4 and 5 travelled to St Helen’s. We performed poems about our focus people or themes.






Coffee Morning

On the 29th of September 2017, the school  council along with the the head boys and girls held a coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan cancer support. The morning was very successful and in total they raised £272.30.











Cultural History

During September we had Cultural History weeks based on the theme Icons and Inventors where each class focused in on an iconic person and a scientist/inventor. Each class looked at inspirational role models from a range of different cultures to help us develop an understanding of how influential people of the past have had an impact on our lives.

Iconic people that were covered included Nelson Mandela, George Carruthers, Stevie Wonder, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Michelle Obama and Ella Fitzgerald. Children in the EarlyYears focused on who inspires them in their families.

Inventors and Scientists included Debbye Turner, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Frederic Banting, Mary Jackson and Lonnie Johnson.

As part of our learning we had different workshops. Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 learnt a lot about Black History and Years 1 and 2 learnt lots of Stories from Africa.

At the end of the 3 weeks we came together with St Joachim’s to share our performance poetry pieces about linked to our learning.​

Stories from Africa


Key Stage 1 Workshop


Key Stage 2 Workshop


Art Matters Exhibition

On 6th July Year 2 visited the University of East London for the Art Matters exhibition, Newham's annual schools' art exhibition exploring the power of creativity across the curriculum. We looked at work from primary and secondary schools across Newham including artwork by pupils from St Helen's and then took part in a sketching and collage workshop.








Festival of Voices

On 3rd July, Year 5 sang for the crowd at the Tower of London in preparation for the Festival of Voices.

On 11th July, we performed at the Hackney Empire in the Festival of Voices with Britannia Village, Ranelagh, St Joachim's and Star primary schools. This year's theme was A Better World. We sang Joyful, Joyful from Sister Act, Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson and Happy by Pharrell Williams.




Art Matters Exhibition

On 6th July Year 2 visited the University of East London for the Art Matters exhibition, Newham's annual schools' art exhibition exploring the power of creativity across the curriculum. We looked at work from primary and secondary schools across Newham including artwork by pupils from St Helen's and then took part in a sketching and collage workshop.








International Evening

On Friday 30th June we held International Evening and invited families to come along and share the fun. We started the celebration with a special mass in the chapel and then all classes from Nursery to Year 6 provided the entertainment in the with song and dance performances from different countries.

After the wonderful concert, children and their families came out into the courtyard for the food fair. Parents, carers and teachers brought traditional foods from countries around the world to share such as Philippines, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Jamaica, Brazil, Poland, France, England and many more! Some people also came in traditional dress to add to the atmosphere of the day. Everyone had a fantastic time!


















Dress Up and Dance

On 30th June we held a dress up and dance event at school. Everyone paid £1 to take part and the money raised went to Macmillan Cancer Support charity.





Arts Weeks

From 5th - 23rd June we held our Arts weeks at St. Helen's. During this time there were many activities and events throughout the school focusing on the topic of seasons. Aims of the week included learning about an artist who focuses on the seasons in their artwork, developing key skills in Art and Science and identifying the style of a piece of art, comparing it to different styles.

Artist Vicky Keeble came in to work with all classes to help us develop our skills in a variety of diffrerent art forms such as painting, drawing and silk printing. All year groups wrote a piece of poetry linked to seasons and took part in science experiments.

In Early Years the children focused on the summer season and did painting workshops in class. Pre-school and Nursery made paper plate sun catchers, egg carton flowers and did sponge painting. For Literacy we designed a poster about how to keep safe in the sun. In Reception we also made paper plate sun catchers along with nature portraits, seasons hand & fingerprint tree and a seasons book. In Literacy we wrote an invitation to our families inviting them to come to the exhibition and a poster about being ‘sun safe’.





Key Stage 1 have been learning about Spring. We created paintings, worked with clay and collect leaves and other natural things from the school grounds to use in our artwork. In Literacy we wrote an invitation to our families inviting them to come to the exhibition, created a weather report and recount of our visit to Art Gallery.












Years 3 and 4 have focussed on Autumn as their season. We explored lots of different painting techniques and made collages. We created harvest field landscapes, cobwebs and pictures using things we found outside. Other class work included writing a critique of pieces of work we saw at the gallery and research how our season effects other countries.














Winter is the season that Years 5 and 6 were learning about and we created paintings and collages as part of our topic showing tree silhouettes and winter vegetables. For Literacy we created a piece of writing on the effects of weather (how it effects us, how we have adapted) and wroite a critique of work we saw at the exhibition.

There was also an exhibition of all our work in the small hall.





On Friday 23rd June we held a carnival celebration where we all paraded around the playground to show each other our wonderful work and performed a dance linked to ‘What do the seasons sound like to you?’.










Animal Experience

As part of our science topics about animals and habitats, on 16th June Pre-school, Nursery, Reception and Years 2, 4 and 5 all got a visit from the people at Animal Experience. They brought lots of different kinds of animals such as snakes, a barn owl, lizards, a chinchilla and a meerkat. We learned all about the animals and their habitats and we also had a chance to pat and hold them.






Florence Nightingale

We had a visitor from the Florence Nightingale Museum on 13th June as part of our current History topic in Year 2. Here we learned all about Florence Nightingale and the Crimean war and about the sorts of equipment used in hospitals at that time. Some of us even got to dress up and take part as well!







May Procession

May is the month of Mary and to celebrate this, we held a procession on 26th May through the surrounding streets to the church where we had a special mass. We all made flowers in class as well which we waved along the procession route and during the service.



Scientists of the Year

We are delighted to announce that St Helen’s was awarded our annual ‘Scientists of the Year’ trophy, which was presented to a selected group of pupils. These have been selected by the teachers to present their home learning investigations during an assembly. This was in coalition with the winners of St Joachim’s.

The trophy was presented by Mr Claude M Warnick, who is a lead lecturer of Pure Mathematics and Physics at the Imperial College of London.  Mr Warnick spoke to the school about what makes a good scientists, as well as current projects that he is investigating.

We are extremely grateful to Mr Warnick for attending our assembly as well as presenting the award. We look forward to completing further Scientific projects outside of school with our partners of St Joachim’s in the for see able future.




Music Assemblies

We held special assemblies to celebrate our talented musicians who are part of the Every Child a Musician programme.

  • 8th May KS2 assembly - Year 5 keyboard & trumpet
  • 10th May KS2 assembly - Year 4 ukulele
  • 17th May KS2 assembly - Year 3 ukulele
  • 19th May KS1 assembly - Year 2 recorder
  • 22nd May KS2 assembly - Year 6 keyboard and trumpet
  • 24th May KS2 assembly - Year 6 violin and flute



Music Concert

On 17th May we held our annual musical concert featuring performances from the KS1 and KS2 choir along with the Every Child a Musician flute, keyboard, trumpet, ukulele and recorder groups.The children performed well and we raised £695 for cancer research.






Citizenship Awards

At St. Helen's we have been looking at what makes a good citizen. Each class in Key Stage 2 elected one person they felt showed the qualities of a good citizen and then from those children one was chosen overall in the school. The class citizens attended Brentwood Cathedral on 19th May where a Year 5 pupil from St. Helen's was presented with the School Citizenship award for her care and friendship towards her fellow pupils. The presentation was made by Bishop Thomas and the Ceremony was attended by many other Catholic primary and secondary schools in the Diocese.




Primary Science Quality Mark

We are delighted to announce that the St Helen's has been successful in obtaining the Primary Science Quality Mark at Silver level. This award was given to only 168 schools in the UK and is a nationally recognised status.  
The Science coordinator and all the other staff at St Helen's have worked extremely hard in developing the Science curriculum this year as well as promoting a general enthusiasm throughout the school. This has included: 

  • Hosting several focus weeks, 
  • Developing teacher's own subject knowledge 
  • Using the school's grounds within Science lessons,
  • Collaboration with other Primary Schools
  • Promoting hands on style of learning
  • Running intra/inter school competitions
  • Encouraging pupils to continue their learning outside of school with home learning tasks/projects.