Sporting Events

Sports Days

On 20th June Reception and Key Stage 1 had sports days on the school grounds. We competed in house teams in sports such as long jump, speed bounce, chest push, javeling, sprinting and a tug of war. It was a successful day and well supported by many parents.












Key Stage 2 Sports Day took place on 9th June at the Terence Mcmillan Stadium. We competed in house teams and the sports included tug of war, long jump, triple jump, chest push, shot-put, javelin and the 100m sprint. Despite the showers, everyone had a lot of fun.







Newham Mini Games

Years 5 and 6 pupils took part in the Newham finals for the summer Newham Mini Games which are linked to the London Youth Games competition. The competition took place on 23rd May at Newham Leisure Centre and we competed in handball and swimming. We also competed in Quicksticks hockey at Lee Vally Hockey and Tennis Centre on 18th May and came 1st and 3rd.