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Space to Earth Duathlon Challenge

On 13th March children from years 2 to 6, had great fun taking part in the Space to Earth Duathlon Challenge.

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They had to run and cycle to cover the distance from Earth to the Space Station: 717km. We managed to exceed that distance by cycling and running for 30 mins throughout the day. We managed to cover 1010km. Here are the results.

DSC 0015DSC 0013

Year Group No. of pupils Run
(distance in km)
(distance in km)
2 56 62km 104km 166km
3 61 52km 123km 175km
4 59 71km 153km 224km
5 58 62km 158km 220km
6 57 59km 166km 225km
Total 291 306km 704km 1010km


You can find out more at


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