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St Helen’s 110th Anniversary Celebration Edwardian Day

The school celebrated its 110th anniversary on the 6th of June 2018. Children came into school dressed as Edwardians or wearing their party clothes. Mrs Hicks joined the fun as an Edwardian lady. The day started with a really special assembly that celebrated the school’s history.

This led on to two time capsule burial ceremonies. Each year group chose to bury items that they thought wouldn’t be around in 50 years’ time. 

Pre-school – Duplo
Nursery – Glitter
Reception – Loom bands
Year 1 – A Fidget Spinner
Year 2 – McDonald’s toys
Year 3 – Match Attack cards
Year 4 – An iPod with current music
Year 5 – Coins and a plastic bag
Year 6 – A memory stick with current photos
Extra Items – Class photos taken this year and newspapers from the 6th of June

The children enjoyed a tea party for lunch on the playground as a whole school community. The afternoon was spent engaged in fun activities around the school, including assault courses, sports games, circle games and arts and crafts activities. The day ended with a whole school dancing session on the playground.

St Helen’s Anniversary

Time Capsule

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