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Mini Vinnies Festival - posted 14th Mar

All Newham deanery primary schools joined together on the 13th of March for this years Mini Vinnies Festival. The children from each school were able to present on what being a Mini Vinnie means to them as well as sharing with each other the activities that they have completed over the last year.

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Peer Reading - posted 9th Mar

Year 5 read with their year 1 friends encouraging the love of reading. Year 1 were smiling as their year 5's read them stories and completed activities the year 5 children had designed in English lessons. There was so much laughter in the room as children discovered Hermilin the mouse.

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Peer praying - posted 9th Mar

Through Lent, the whole school will take part in collective worship on a Friday morning. Children join with their peer class; the key stage 2 children lead a 15 minute reflective prayer session.

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St Angela’s Sports Focus - posted 9th Mar

Year 5 worked with St Angela's pupils studying PE. The pupils from St Angela's led sports sessions, football, basketball and dance. Each session allowed for the year 5 pupils to develop skills in each session learning from secondary school peers.

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Action Jackson - posted 5th Mar

On Friday 23rd February, year 6 participated in an Action Jackson workshop where they learned how to be positive and how to believe in themselves. The aim of the workshop was to boost their confidence and to inspire them to achieve their dreams.

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The Beast of the East - posted 27th Feb

The Beast of the East caused national panic. However, in year 5 we did not fear the snow, we explored it! We had great fun experimenting with what we can do with snow, how it melts and freezes into ice.

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Shakespeare Workshop - posted 22nd Feb

Year 2 participated in a Shakespeare workshop - The Tempest. Children were introduced to the text through drama, developing understanding of character, plot and setting of the story. They were able to collaborate with each other enhancing their group interaction and performance skills.

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