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Holland Visit 2019

This year on our exciting visit to Holland, we stopped in Brugge, in Belgium and had a tour of the town (testing out the new school rain macs), spotting lace, tapestry and chocolate in the shops. We also saw the Church of Our Lady before moving on to Amsterdam.



Holland Day 1


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Day 2

In Amsterdam, we saw Rembrandt’s painting of The Night Watch in the Rijksmuseum and visited the Van Gogh Museum. The children focused on the emotions that were evoked when studying different works Van Gogh’s artistic journey. 

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 The children enjoyed ice creams a canal boat ride.

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Day 3

The children visited The Anne Frank House; they had a workshop when they arrived to develop their understanding of her life story before touring the house. All of the children found the experience very moving. The children then went onto a cafe where they wrote their postcards for their families whilst enjoying a hot chocolate.

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Day 4

The children spent the morning visiting The Pearsacker School; playing games, performing their Festival of Voices songs and attending lessons.

In the afternoon the children went to Wings of Liberation Museum; enjoying a fabulous guided tour by Mrs Hicks who developed the children’s understanding of why the Second World War started, what an air raid siren would have sounded like, how Holland was liberated and Operation Market Garden.

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Day 5

On our last day together in Holland we visited Essex Farm Cemetery and Langemark Cemetery to make comparisons between the ways in which British and German troops were buried and remembered. The children left poppy wreaths in both cemeteries and prayed together for peace in the world. Finally the children went to the Menin Gate and placed their final poppy wreath to remember all fallen soldiers.

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