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At St. Helen’s we pride ourselves on our links with parents. When your child begins school you will be asked to sign a Home–School agreement which outlines our commitment to your child and to you as well as asking for your commitment and support.

Before your child begins school you will be invited to a parents meeting which will give you the opportunity to ask any questions not answered in this brochure.
​For parents who join us in the early years, we hold a vast range of parental workshops; please see below for PowerPoints/ presentation videos. We also hold a range of coffee mornings and events for informal meetings with school staff.
In September a Curriculum Evening is held to give you the chance to meet your child’s new teacher and to find out the topics they will be learning during that academic year. It will also outline homework expectations and deal with any issues or worries you may have.

Parent meetings are held three times a year; individual meetings are held between the parent and the teacher twice a year in October and February. At these your child’s teacher will discuss targets for your child and update you on our child’s progress. We hold a celebration of work evening in July.

If your child is in year 2 or year 6 then there will be an additional meeting to give you information about the tests the children take when they are 7 and 11. These meetings are usually held in January.

An annual written report of your child’s overall progress during the year is sent out in July. These are detailed and include all curriculum areas.

If you have concerns about your child, you are welcome to make an appointment to see your child’s teacher.
We also encourage parents to watch their child’s class assembly and the special celebrations for Christmas and Easter.


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