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Miss Burch is supported by Miss  Promowicz, Mrs Aylwin and Miss Khankhara.


At St. Helen’s we are committed to developing the whole child through a broad and balanced curriculum. We ensure that we cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

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Nursery Workshops

We have designed a series of seven workshops that have been created to support parents in their understanding of different aspects of their child's learning and development. Each workshop provided parents with ideas that they could use with their child at home. We encouraged all parents to attend two workshops prior to their child joining the St. Helen's Nursery in September.
The seven workshops on offer to parents are

Getting Organised
Potty Training
Teaching Talking
Learning through Play
Getting Out and About
Being Healthy
About Being Catholic

Supporting Learning at Home

We recognise the extremely important role that parents play in their child’s education. We want to work in partnership to help parents develop their skills supporting their child’s learning at home. If parents would like any support with developing home learning please see Miss Burch 

Every week we give you the opportunity to borrow a book and a toy from our learning library. In addition, the children’s home school books are an opportunity for you record and reflect on your child’s experiences outside of Nursery together. Please read as often as you can and a variety of books.

Parental engagement

At the end of the Autumn and Spring terms parents are invited to our coffee morning. This is an opportunity to look at your child’s work and observations and to speak with the Nursery staff. 

Nursery Expectations

The children in Nursery are assessed against the Development Matters Age Bands throughout the year across all Areas of Learning. Children enter Nursery at 3 years old (36 months at least) and therefore they are expected to start the year as secure within the 22-36 month band or beginning in the 30-50 month age band.

22-36 s+/ 30-50 b 30-50
b+/ w
w/ w+
w+/ s
30-50 s 30-50 s+ /40-60 b
Autumn Spring Summer


The children in Nursery are assessed against the Target Tracker bands to ensure all children are making good progress. 

News & Photos

The Nursery children have been busy at home enjoying learning with their families. Baking, gardening, cheering for the NHS and participating in the whole focus themes e.g Exploring what is outside their windows. celebrating the Month of Mary, making books, musical instruments and much, much more.

Photo's of Students

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 Being an Author  

IMG 20200511 WA0001IMG 20200511 WA0002IMG 20200511 WA0003IMG 20200511 WA0004IMG 20200511 WA0006IMG 20200511 WA0007

Being Creative


IMG 20200518 WA0005IMG 20200515 WA0015IMG 20200515 WA0006IMG 20200504 WA0007IMG 20200511 WA0017IMG 20200513 WA0004

Making Music and Baking

IMG 20200522 WA0004IMG 20200526 WA0015IMG 20200529 WA0024IMG 20200604 WA0002IMG 20200529 WA0020IMG 20200522 WA0009


All about Nursery

BakingIMG 5374IMG 9322inCollage 20200503 103858031


Whole School Music Task

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Autumn walk
The children have been learning about the 4 seasons. When they went on a walk around the school they found evidence that showed the change in weather. There were lots of brown and and yellow leaves on the floor underneath the trees. 


Jam sandwich
The children have been following instructions to make jam sandwiches. They had to spread the butter and jam on the bread. The jam was so sticky. At the end they had to use their strong muscles to cut the sandwich in half before getting to eat it. The sandwiches were delicious.



Useful Links

These are websites that are useful for developing children’s skills in Nursery to complement their learning in school.




Splash Learn






National Geographic



Switch Zoo



ICT Games – Maths and Literacy games



Teach Handwriting


Letters and Sounds


Busy things

Jolly Phonics

Teach Handwriting

Phonics play

Computing games