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Year 6

Year Six

Miss Buckley, Mr Myers and Mr Smith are supported by Mrs Hudson, Mrs Philips and Mrs Raut. Miss Aidoo is also a student teacher in 6Y.


At St. Helen’s we are committed to developing the whole child through a broad and balanced curriculum. The children study a wide range of subjects from maths and English to cookery and forest schools.


IMG 3497IMG 3496 


Supporting Learning at Home

In year 6 the children are expected to progress towards being an independent learner, but for some homework projects, such as science experiments, parental help is essential.
The children are given an hour of maths and English homework each week, as well as spellings to learn and a reading record to fill in.
We hope the children read widely and for pleasure, to help them the children will always have a reading book borrowed from the class library.

Homework is provided to your child every week. This homework links to work that they have been doing in class. Children have access to GSuite accounts; and as we move with the times homework in KS2 will be more increasingly set through this electronic platform. Please therefore refer to the GSuite Parent Guide to increase your confidence with how to use it when engaging with home learning. Please click here for the guide.

Year Six Expectations

The children in year 6 are assessed in two ways. In all subjects, the children are given a teacher assessment. This happens throughout the year to ensure all children are making progress. The children’s attainment is measured using the bands below. The end of year 6 expectation is 6S.


6B 6B+ 6W 6W+ 6S 6S+
Autumn Spring Summer


The Children also take national exams (SATs) in reading; grammar punctuation and spelling; and maths. Teacher assessments for writing and science are also sent to a national agency. 


Exam scaled score SATs grade
80 - 89 Has not met the year 6 standard (HNM)
90 - 99 Working towards the year 6 standard (WTS)
100 - 114 Working at the expected year 6 standard (EXS)
115 - 120 Working at greater depth within the year 6 standard (GDS)


News & Photos 

Action Jackson
Pupils completed a well-being workshop with Action Jackson. They discussed their feelings following lock down and developed strategies to support their happiness and well-being.

IMG 9869
P.E. Tennis skills
Pupils have been developing their tennis skills in P.E.

IMG 9875
Art viewfinders
In art, pupils have been learning about perspective. They used viewfinders in order to capture images around St Helen's. They went on to use to use their new skills to sketch images which showed perspective.

IMG 9896IMG 9901 1

Orienteering at West Ham Park

Year 6 pupils completed orienteering activities at West Ham park. They learned how to read a compass correctly. They then used their compass and mapping skills in order to find various keys around the park.


Year 6 pupils are learning about counties and regions in the U.K. They used maps in order to help them to complete online U.K. counties quizzes.


Cube and square numbers
Year 6 pupils are learning about square and cube numbers. They used manipulatives in order to help them to articulate their understanding.

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The Northern Lights

As part of the Marvellous and Mischievous focus weeks, year 6 have been reading Philip Pullman's The Northern Lights. The book is the first story in His Dark Material's trilogy. The pupils love the book. Every morning, they listen to the story and sketch their favourite characters. In English lessons, they analyse key chapters and focus on widening their vocabulary. The book has inspired pupils to create their own Northern Lights adventures. They have made excellent character descriptions as part of their writing journeys.

IMG 9180IMG 9179IMG 9185


Pupils have enjoyed reading First News in English lessons. They have discussed interesting articles in class. They have also challenged their brains with crosswords and word challenges.

IMG 9184IMG 9176

Year 6s in a science lesson investigating the way light travels and angles of incidences and angles of reflection.

IMG 2313IMG 2172

IMG 2314



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