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Brilliant Club Graduation - posted 10th Jul

12 children from Year 5 participated in The Scholars Programme where they challenged themselves to higher levels of study about politics. Each completed a 1000 word essay on the Topic ‘Power to the People’. To celebrate their amazing achievements the children had their graduation ceremony in Oxford. 

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Year 3 London Eye visit - posted 27th Jun

Year 3 visited the London Eye on Wednesday 26th June 2019. After a short journey on the Jubilee line, we arrived at Westminster. Then it was a short walk across Westminster Bridge taking in the sights of London such as The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. When we boarded the London Eye, we were able to get a clearer view of some of the major landmarks such as St. Paul's Cathedral, The Shard and The Gherkin. The 4D experience was amazing and it was like we were really there!

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Year 4 - Science Museum - posted 26th Jun

Year 4 visited the Science Museum. The children enjoyed touring the exhibitions before attending a show and a workshop with a range of wonderful investigations. The educational visit linked really well with their learning on electricity too; focusing in on conductors and insulators.

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Royal Academy of Arts - posted 20th Jun

3Y visited the Royal Academy of Arts and enjoyed the exhibition. Some art work was for sale. When we enquired about purchasing a piece, we got told it was £90,000. This shocked all of us, but it also give us a sense of the value art work holds. We worked alongside artists to create prints and enjoyed learning from their expertise and using all the art resources in the workshop.

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Chess Tournament - posted 14th Jun

Key stage two children participated in a chess tournament against six other schools hosted at St Joachim’s Catholic Primary School. The children achieved a bronze and silver medal in recognition of their efforts.

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Year 4 to Tate Modern - posted 10th Jun

Year 4 visited the Tate Modern to launch their Arts Week focus. The children focused on surrealism; developing their understanding of the style through their interpretations to different artist’s work.

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