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Year 4 iMax Science Museum - posted 11th Jul

Children enjoyed a 3D film experience ‘Antarctica’. They saw our everyday world come to life and developed an understanding of the coldest continent on the planet. They continued exploring the Science Museum and looking at life from back in time.

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The London Eye - posted 8th Jul

Year 3 visited The London Eye on Wednesday 6th July. They were so excited! They couldn’t believe the view from the top of the Eye and some children even thought they could spot the Eiffel Tower! They could see the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and St. Paul’s Cathedral in the distance. The noise inside the pod was very loud because they were so fascinated by the amazing views.

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Florence Nightingale Museum - posted 27th Jun

Year 2 met with Florence Nightingale and found out all about her childhood, her career as a nurse and all of her achievements. One of her biggest challenges was making improvements at the Scutari Hospital during the Crimean War. She valued her nurses and her friend Mary Seacole who was also passionate about her vocation as a nurse. The children engaged in role play and discussed how hospitals and nursing have changed.

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Jewish Museum Visit - posted 27th Jun

Year 5 had an amazing visit to the Jewish Museum in Camden. We had a series of interactive and multi-sensory workshops. This encouraged us to learn about the vibrancy of Jewish religion and culture today. We also explored Judaism through key objects, contemporary films and guided discussions to understand what it means to be Jewish in Britain today.

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British Library Visit - posted 28th Mar

The children went on a tour of the British Library. They took part in oral story telling using their voices, words and bodies to help retell a traditional story. They created their own story inspired by locations within the library.

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Class 1B- British Library Visit - posted 23rd Mar

On 21st March 1B went to the British Library for a story telling workshop. We retold the story of the 3 little pigs orally and then used our imagination to create our own story using two pictures as inspiration. We all of course enjoyed having a packed lunch together!

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Maths at Kempton Park - posted 25th Jan

Year 5 enjoyed a day of maths activities at Kempton Park Race Course on Monday 24th January. They learnt about converting between imperial and metric measuring systems, as well as working out the number of horses that could safely walk around the parade ring. They also learnt how to work out how far the horses ran and the various weights they were able to carry.

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Alice in Wonderland - posted 25th Jan

On Monday 17th January, KS2 enjoyed a night at the Peacock Theatre for our annual Pantomime. This year we enjoyed PWC version of Alice in Wonderland. We thoroughly enjoyed cheering and singing along!

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