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Year 4 Visit to the Roman Amphitheatre at Guildhall - posted 6th Feb

Year 4 pupils explored a real archaeological site and handled some genuine Roman artefacts under the supervision of a trained archaeologist. They learnt that the Romans were good builders as well as good fighters. The pupils investigated a variety of artefacts such as coins, rocks and pottery and discussed their material, purpose and what they might have looked like in Roman times. It was a great experience to discover life in the capital nearly 2000 years ago!

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Year 4 visit to the Gurdwara temple - posted 6th Feb

The children visited the Gurdwara temple where Sikhs go to worship their God. They learnt that Sikhs believe in only one God, the Creator, and that there are two ways of praising: kneeling down and bowing your head or if you cannot kneel down you just bow and join your hands.

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Theatre Visit - posted 29th Jan

Year 5 enjoyed a trip to Stratford to watch an interesting play, The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings. The play explored the theme of unity and people living together and coexisting despite differences.

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City Hall - for Citizenship Weeks - posted 29th Jan

Year 5 went to City Hall last week and we’re lucky enough to meet some Mayors of different boroughs in London! We learned a lot about how the decisions in London are made and discussed what we would do as Prime Minister. We even saw the Mayor of London, and we got a wave from him. It was really interesting and we were able to link our debating citizenship work to how politicians debate today.

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Pantomime Time - posted 25th Jan

Year 5 and 6 had a fabulous time watching a panto at the Unicorn Theatre - Beauty and the Beast. Before Christmas, we had a workshop where we helped to make some of the props and were so exited to see them being used on the stage. We enjoyed cheering the ‘goodies’ and booing the ‘baddies’, as well as singing along to the songs!

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Year 1-Young V&A Museum - posted 23rd Jan

Year 1 went to the V&A young museum to explore and discover toys from the past. In school we have learnt about old toys and toys we play with now. After looking in this museum we can now compare the toys back in class.

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Young V&A Museum - posted 22nd Jan

Year 1 visited the Young Victoria & Albert Museum in Bethnal Green. We enjoyed looking and playing with lots of different toys. The children found some very old toys that we have similar versions of today in our school, like dolls houses. The children also got creative using stencils and drawing.

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Natural History Museum - posted 12th Dec

Year 6 visited the Natural History Museum this term as part of their Science and Geography topics. They took part in a workshop about evolution and investigated how animals have adapted to their environments. They also visited the museum's mountains and volcano exhibits. They enjoyed the earthquake simulator and learned about how earthquakes occur through movement of tectonic plates.

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