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Mini Vinnies Festival - posted 12th Mar

Four Newham deanery primary schools came together on the 11th of March for this years Mini Vinnies Festival. The children from each school were able to present on what being a Mini Vinnie means to them as well as sharing with each other the activities that they have completed over the last year.

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Action Jackson Workshop - posted 12th Mar

On Friday 6th March Year Year participated in the ‘I am Amazing’ Action Jackson workshop. They learned how to think positive thoughts, manage their well-being and have a growth mindset. Action Jackson inspired them to believe that anything is possible and motivated them to always be the best they can be!

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Geography Poetry Competition - posted 12th Mar

The winners of the 'What the River Thames means to me' poetry competition received their prizes in assembly this week. They were able to communicate geography through poetry by identifying river features and describe and understand physical geography. Their entries will be sent to the Thames Explorer Trust where they may have a chance of winning a visit for their class!

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World Book Day - posted 12th Mar

Last Thursday, pupils celebrated World Book Day. Pupils came to school in their pyjamas and had some time during the day to relax and read their favourite books. In the afternoon, teachers read their favourite Bible stories to their pupils. Finally, in French lessons, pupils had the opportunity to listen to stories in French.

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WE Day 2020 - posted 4th Mar

On Wednesday 4th March 2020 the School Council we’re invited to attend the WE Day 2020 celebration at Wembley Arena. The children heard from inspirational speakers and celebrities about what they can do to make a positive difference in their community as well as globally. All children had a fantastic day and enjoyed the performances from the singers and dancers.

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French Day - posted 24th Feb

On Friday 14th February 2020, pupils celebrated French Day. Pupils came to school in French colours. The French Ambassadors helped set up the French market with French flag bunting and French signs. Breakfast Club helped by chopping bread, croissants, cheese and brioche. Year 6 pupils worked in the French market for the day selling food and face painted French flags for pupils.

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Interests Fair - posted 14th Feb

On Friday 7th February 2020 a variety of outside agencies & parents highlighted a range of interests/hobbies that children from Pre-School to Yr6 could become involved in outside of school. Children asked questions they had prepared in class to find out more about the things on offer within the local area or home environment.

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