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Miss Cascayan is suported by Ms Logan and Miss Dezynska.


Preschool - Autumn

Preschool - Spring

Preschool - Summer



At St. Helen’s we are committed to developing the whole child through a broad and balanced curriculum. We ensure that we cover all areas of the Early Years Outcomes.

 Everyday learning fun, baking and outdoor play.

When the Blessed Sacrament came to St. Helen’s during Mission Week, the pre-school children came to visit and pay their respects and share their prayers with the help of our year 6 friends.

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We joined our friends in nursery when Father Andrew came to visit us. We sang some songs together as he spoke to us about how we are all special and how much God loves us.

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The children enjoy singing and making music with the instruments.

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Pre-school love animals so we went on a walk to see what creatures we can find around the school grounds.

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The pre-school children have been learning about how to look after our Earth and so we took a trip to the recycling bins and recycled our rubbish to help our environment.

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The children have been really good this year and were invited to visit Santa at his Christmas Grotto.

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The children have been learning about cars and so we took a trip to a local garage where cars get fixed by people called mechanics.

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The children are learning about how to care for others. We had a visit from Molly the dog where the children were able to feed her, pet her and take her for a walk in the park.

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Supporting Learning at Home

We recognise the extremely important role that parents play in their child’s education. We want to work in partnership to help parents develop their skills supporting their child’s learning at home. If parents would like any support with developing home learning please see Miss Burch.

What you can do to help
• Talk to your children about daily activities so that they hear language all the time. Children learn language very quickly if they are using it all the time.
• Take your children to the park and allow them time to socialise with other children of a similar age.
• Read a story to your child at bedtime every day.
• Talk about letters and numbers on posters that they see in the environment or on buses.

Home –School Library

We have a small library available for children and parents to choose books together for reading at home. You and your child change the book on a weekly basis.

Learning Library

We also have a learning library, where you can borrow activities to enjoy together with your children at home. We ask that when your child is using borrowed items that a parent or carer works with them to enhance learning and avoid them from getting damaged or losing pieces.
The Learning library includes puzzles, games, painting equipment, drawing equipment and play dough equipment.

 Parent Stay and Play Sessions

Every Wednesday
Morning 8.50am-9.30am
Afternoon 12.20 - 1.00pm


You are welcome to come in and spend time in the preschool every week to see your child's learning.

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IMG 3197


Come and join in with reading, cooking, play dough,
painting and other activities with your child.

Pre-school Expectations and Assessment

Each child in pre-school has their own individual portfolio called their Foundation Stage Profile. This portfolio will be built up over the year and will include photographs, observations and the children’s work. 


The profiles are located in the classroom and we encourage parents to view these at parents meetings and make contributions to the parents comment’s section of the profile. This is so that staff can be aware of what your child has been doing at home and work on activities in pre-school to build on this learning for continuity.

We also use a programme called Target Tracker to capture the children’s learning opportunities.

 The children in Pre-school are assessed in line with Development Matters age bands to ensure all children are making good progress. We would expect the children to leave Pre-school having been assessed at ‘beginning’ in 30-50 months in all 17 areas of the curriculum.


 Click here  to view the statements or ‘What to expect when’ guide for parents click here