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Christmas Plays

With 2020 being a year we have never known before, our Christmas nativities have taken on a form we have never tried before.
The Christmas Nativity is a story from the Bible the children hold close in their hearts as each year they learn about how Jesus was born by presenting the story in a Christmas Play.
This year was no different!
We present to you our Nativity. It is told by the whole school. Each class has a different section of the scripture; filming their story along with carols for your enjoyment. If you follow the order, you can enjoy the whole Christmas story.
Christmas can get so busy with tinsel and lights, that the importance of the season being the Birth of Jesus can get lost. Our children at St Helen’s have done a remarkable job of reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas.
We hope you enjoy their performances!

Pre School & Nursery AM Carol video

Pre School & Nursery PM Carol Video 

Reception Carol Video

1B Carol Video

1Y Carol Video

2B Carol Video

2Y Carol Video

3B Carol Video

3Y Carol Video

4B Carol Video

4Y Carol Video

5B Carol Video

5Y Carol Video

Year 6 Carol Video