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Helping cleaning the Convent Chapel
Mini Vinnies helped clean the Convent Chapel, serving the community living out their Gospel Values. They developed their understanding of the roles needed within the parish.

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 Children continue to help clean the convent after their class masses. They learn about the jobs within the parish community to keep our place of worship clean and tidy for everyone.

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Pre-school in our local community
We went for a walk to visit our neighbours at the convent. We baked some cakes and brought them over. We enjoyed spending our time with all lovely sisters, sang some songs and danced together. It was great fun. We love our neighbours.
We visited the Convent Chapel before Lent began and saw all the beautiful statues and images in God’s house. We looked around the chapel and asked lots of questions about all the things we saw. We lit a candle and said a prayer for those we love and all those in need. We ask the Lord to watch over us all in peace and love. Amen.

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