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Advice and Support for Parents

At St Helen’s we have staff who can help and advice parents in many areas beyond education. You can either ask in the school office or

If you need help in the areas listed below, just click on the logo to take you directly to the website.


  • legal matters
  • welfare benefits
  • debt advice and money management
  • housing support
  • food banks
  • getting back into work
  • support for victims of domestic violence
  • mental health support



General advice

citizens advice


Legal Advice


UCL Integrated Legal Advice Clinic UCL iLACtoynbeeLogoPng


Welfare Benefits & Debt Advice


nmw logomoney advice


Housing Support


Support for Refugees & Migrants




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Getting back into employment

 newham work place


Basic skills training and English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) training


Support for victims of domestic violence


Mental health support


Information for families

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